Bandeau Buzzrack
Buzzrack : Bike rack
Bandeau Sno-Pro
Sno-Pro : Winter equipment
Bandeau Black-Ice
Black-Ice : Electric coolers
Bandeau pump-in
Pump-In : Mini compressors
Bandeau ProEnerg
ProEnerg : Battery chargers and Boosters
Bandeau GDW
GDW : Couplings
Bandeau Storag
Storag: Storage solutions - Coming soon
Bandeau 29BT
29BT: Bicycle tools - Soon
Bandeau Pneu
Tires: Find your tires with us at the best prices

PROakcess aims to develop accessories for sports, mobility, cars, vehicles in general.

We seek to be innovative and focus on the shortest distribution channel possible to deliver our customers as quickly as possible and better cost.

Our packaging is minimalist for reasons of cost, need (no need to be exposed in "radius"), and ecology.


PROakcess sprl is based in the logistics area of Tournai West.

The place is strategic to quickly deliver regular customers, in particular, French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourgish. But we are also delivering in a few days the other EEC countries.

The proximity to Belgian ports also allows us to export easily, especially to Japan.