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Description : E-Hornet 3, bike carrier 3 electric bike

The E-HORNET 3 is designed to carry up to 3 bikes without any additional kit, for a total weight of maximum 60kg. Easy assembly with high stability of the conical clamping system. The quick-release ratchet straps and the unique cradle design make loading the bikes quick and easy.


  • E Hornet 2


    The patented conical fixing system adapts to all 50 mm diameter tow balls. Simple, fast and effective. The system can be locked and secured by the lock button.

    This system is one of the few that can claim to meet the highest safety standards.

  • E Hornet 3


    The wheel supports adapt to all wheelbases, even very small children's bikes.

    System secured by a locking button.

  • E Hornet 3


    Clamps are large enough to fit most bicycle frames.Heavy-duty nylon clamps.Each clamp has a locking button

  • E Hornet 2


    Truly easy to tilt, well balanced during the tilt phase, and tilts enough to allow access to the trunk.

  • porte-vélo VAE


    Supplied with 6 standard functions lights and a 13-pin plug

Technicals Specifications

Total bike: 3
Tow ball compatible: yes
Dimensions (Largeur x profondeur x hauteur): 127 x 83 x 89cm (24cm folded).
Weight: 18.8 kg
Load MAX: 60kg
Weight bike max : 30kg
Tilting: yes
Rustproofing: yes
Traffic lights: Yes
Lights plug: 13 pins
Locking the tow ball: yes
Locking bike: oui
Max tire size: 4''
Max bike size : 134 cm en 29''

The maximum allowable load you can transport is also determined by the weight of the tow bar; you will need to make sure that you do not exceed this before using a bicycle carrier mounted on a towball. Requires a clearance of 65 mm between the center of the towball and the rear of the vehicle. If you have a 7-pin plug, the backup light and the fog light will not work. The 7-pin plug is not wired for these functions


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