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Description : Look 320L Carbon Roof Box Assembly

Mounted on the roof of the vehicle, the Look 320L Universal Carbon Trunk is capable of accommodating large items that the car boot would not normally accommodate, such as travel bags, suitcases, rucksacks, pushchairs, camping tents, diving or skiing equipment and any other heavy or bulky equipment. It allows you to travel much more comfortably and safely, with a tidier and cleaner car interior as the roof box allows the user to keep the cabin free of luggage at the expense of the view or comfort of the driver and passengers.


  • Coffre de toit

    Carbon effect look

    The Look 320L universal carbon roof box fits easily into any modern car, with a sporty and elegant design that combines excellent carrying capacity with the high quality of materials used in its construction.

  • Coffre de toit carbone


    Its structure facilitates the loading of luggage from the side of the vehicle, distributing the weight evenly and in a balanced manner, so as not to excessively affect the aerodynamics of the car when it is in motion.

  • Carbone 320L

    Anti-theft device

    The roof box has an anti-theft design made of polypropylene that is resistant to cold and weather, oils and solvents: this versatile storage box is very spacious, with a maximum capacity of 320 litres, and is compatible with most roof bars.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Capacity:320 L
Dimensions (length x width x height): 1330 x 778 x 345mm
Weight: 12 kg
Structure: Universal in durable polypropylene
Coating: With carbon effect
Locking system: Anti-theft with padlock
Compatible: With universal bars
Opening: Passenger side
Approved: TÜV - GS according to REACH regulation
Maximum speed: 130 km/h


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