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Description : New BUZZYBEE 2 - Bike carrier 2 bikes

Our new BUZZYBEE 2 fits all types of 50 mm towballs (regular and gooseneck). You can carry up to 2 bikes, adults or children. The platform is equipped with tail lights and a license plate holder. The bikes are attached using clamping straps.




    Patented conical fastening system fits all towing balls with a diameter of 50 mm.

    System secured by a locking button.

  • NEW buzzybee 2


    The wheel racks fit all wheelbases, even very small children's bikes.

  • BUZZCRUISER-2- STUDIO-200x150-02


    Mounting pads, straps and guards provide maximum protection for the bike.

  • NEW buzzybee 2


    Supplied with 3 standard function lights and a 7-pin plug.

  • NEW buzzybee 2


    The BUZZYBEE is more compact to fit most car trunks.

Technical Specifications

MAX number of bikes: 2
Compatible tow ball: yes
Compatible sign collar / detachable ball: yes
Dimensions (Width x depth): 88 x 58 x 70 cm (Height 24cm)
Weight:: 8.5 kg
MAX load: 40kg
Max size BIKE: 119 cm (bike 29'')
Max weight per bike: 20kg
Tilt: no
Anti-corrosion treatment: yes
Integrated lighting panel: yes
Spindle type: 7 pin

The maximum allowable load you can carry is also determined by the weight of the tow bar, and you should check that you do not exceed this before using a hitch-ball-mounted carrier.
Requires a clearance of 65 mm between the center of the tow ball and the rear of the vehicle. If you have a 7-pin plug, the reversing light and fog light will not work.
The 7-pin plug is not wired for these functions.


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