Description: Set of SNÖ-PRO tire covers

This set of 4 tire covers enables you to carry your wheels/tires without getting dirty, especially during the shift winter wheels / summer wheels. It will also allow you to store your tires without the ageing effect of the light. Thanks to location logo on each of the covers, you will know easily where each wheel will have to be mounted.

The covers are made of polyester. A belt with a ‘backpack’ type loop will insure the strength of the cover during carriage.
Those covers are solid and reusable, an ecological advantage compared with disposable plastic bags.

Maximum tire dimension: 18’’ (example 225/45/18)

Pratical !

A ‘Q code’ you can flash from your smartphone gives you access to a video instruction manual.


Unfold the cover. Select the location spot according to the remounting location on the car. Put the cover on the ground, keeping in hand the handle, the ‘backpack’ loop must be open.
Bring the tire on it and recover it, center the cover before pulling the side cords.
Adjust the belt and close the loop. Adjust for last time the side cords and block them with the cord stops.

Those covers are designed for the carriage and storage of tires 7 wheels. They are not designed for any others uses.


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