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Description: Snow chains SNÖ-PRO HD with automatic rubber tensioner

These chains are made with reinforced links of 12mm and are designed to equip light commercial vehicles: vans, small trucks, as well as 4x4 with a large wheel arch. For an SUV, use the other SNO-PRÖ ECO, MATIC, EVO chains with 9mm links.

These products are suitable for frequent use. Once mounted, the automatic tensioner tightens the chain, it is not necessary to stop to tighten the chain again.

They are made of steel alloy, guaranteeing a better longevity for a reduced weight. They also resist rust better.

Each box contains:
  • A pair of SNÖ-PRO HD snow chains.
  • A pair of protective gloves size XL in fabrics.
  • A storage bag on with the mouting instructions printed on.
  • A set of repair links.

Convenient !

A QRcode to flash with your smartphone gives you immediate access to the video montage. This QRcode is included on the packaging and on the tag attached to the bag.

The passage of the B26 panel makes the use of snow chains mandatory.


  • Check before assembly that the size corresponds exactly to the size of the tires of the vehicle!
  • Check on the service book that the vehicle is chained.
  • Compatible with ESP and ABS devices, do not disconnect. Mount on summer or winter tires.
  • To be mounted on the drive wheels. For 4x4s, to mount at the rear but preferably to ride on all four wheels.
  • Tip: do a test mount before you go to the mountains.
  • Installation on a flat track and with a parking brake.
  • Use exclusively on snow or ice at 50km / h max.
  • Prohibited on dry roads because product instability of the vehicle in addition to a significant wear.
  • Maximum wear allowed: 40% or minimum link thickness 2.5mm
  • Wash and dry before storing.

Technical evaluation

Easy to mount for a beginner:
Grip on fresh snow:
Grip on ice:
Running Comfort::
Durability if correct use:
Easy to mount if you are used to:
Grip on hard snow:
Acceleration :
Phonic comfort:
Durability if used on dry road:


1 item bought = 1 pair of chains (only sold in pairs)

Select the size of your tires