Description : DO IT and PRO models

Anything becomes easy, safe, confortable with the SNÖ-PRO trolleys.
Both are equipped with parking brakes for your security.
They are built with long life ‘e-coating’ treated steel.

Pratical !

A ‘Q code’ you can flash from your smartphone gives you access to an instructions and use video.


Maximum Load: 100Kg
Max capacity: 6 complete wheels
Max tire diameter: 21"
Trolley diameter: 68cm
Weight: DO IT: 3,75Kg


Maximum Load: 140 Kg
Max capacity: 8 complete wheels
Max tire diameter: 21"
Trolley diameter: 73cm
Weight: PRO: 6,35Kg


Do respect the instructions written in the present user manual, especially for mounting the product. Do respect maximum load.
Mounting requires a spanner (not delivered with the product) – model ‘DO IT’.

Warning !

take care not to pinch your fingers when mounting or dismounting the trolley.

This trolley is designed for carrying and storing tire and complete wheels. Do not use for other purposes.
Les chariots s’utilisent sur un sol relativement plat (garage, surface goudronnée). Ils ne sont pas conçus pour rouler sur du gravier ou des surfaces molles, ou sur des sols pentus.
The tire trolley has to be used on a relatively flat ground (workshop, garage box…). It’s not designed to run on gravel or loose surfaces, or on steep slopes.
In case of use on a slope, the whole trolley + tires/wheels might escape to your control, injure people or create material damages. The designer, maker, seller fully discharges any responsibilities for any inconvenient use of the tire trolley. Except when moving, this product must remain with the 2 brakes on.
Do not throw tires or wheels on the center of the trolley. You could damage the structure. The tires or wheels have to be laid down, centering them on the trolley.
In case of breakage, do not use the trolley anymore. You can order spare parts to your supplier. The list of spare parts is written on the user manual.


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