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Description : VAC 450l roof box

Our new 450 liter VAC roof box is the perfect companion for the sun. Excellent value. Opening on the right, lock two points. Length 160 cm, Width 100cm, height 44cm. This rectangular but aerodynamic trunk, will allow you to bring 50Kg of extra luggage. Its modern design and its anthracite gray color will match perfectly with your vehicle. Its 'U' fastening system accepts bars up to 80mm wide.


- 'U' fastening system

- 2-point lock

- Charge up to 50Kg

- Complies with the ISO 11154: 2006 standard which includes the city crash test.

Technical specifications


Length: 160 cm / Width: 100 cm / Height: 44 cm

Compatible with roof bars up to 80mm wide

Weight: 20 Kg

Accepts roof bars of 80mm max width


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