Description : Chargeur booster PROenerg 450

PROenerg 450 is the ideal product to recharge your car, camper, boat, truck batteries and any rechargeable lead acid battery in 12V or 24V. It can also be used as a booster to start an engine if the engine battery is out of order.


- For charging batteries from 30 to 300AH

- Overload / short-circuit / reverse polarity protection

Technical specifications

- Input current: 230V - 50Hz Output current: DC 12V / 24V 
- Capacity of the batteries to be charged: 30 to 300 AH
- Max. load current 70A
- Booster starting current max: 300A
- Equipment Class 1: IP20
- Voltage 12V
- Voltage 24V
- Spare fuse supplied with the unit

For the assembly of the wheels it is necessary to use circlip pliers (Ω) size 12-25mm / J1 (not supplied)


Tax included